Monday 30 January 2012


  • I was cleaning up my email box last week and I came across this one I thought you might enjoy.

    I just added the pic of Bart today - which is too bad, I should have had it on the original.  I can just imagine Cara's hearty guffaws, can't you?

    (Back to the story tomorrow, I promise!!)


    RE: Canadian Eastern Regional Dressage Championships - September 16-18 2011 - Volunteers‏

High priority
Dressage Curmudgeon 
To caraw@xxxxxx.xxxx
Hi Cara,

Please take me off of your list of potential volunteers.  I have one more commitment to volunteer at a dressage show this summer, then NEVER AGAIN.  

I volunteered 3 days of my precious time scribing at one of the Palgrave shows, only to have some petty judge complain to the show management that my shorts were too short.  (To sit in a box with my legs totally hidden, in 25+ C weather, doing a boring job, entirely for free).  

They were very normal cotton dress shorts with pockets, worn with a belt and a polo shirt.  I was not sporting some spandex hoochy wear.  

I think some of the "higher ups" in the sport really need to get over themselves.  I have better things to do with my time than put up with small minded garbage.  If you like your dress code more than your volunteers - good luck with that.  

I am sure I can find somewhere else to volunteer where people are more concerned with my ability than my attire.  

Dressage Curmudgeon

(Or in other words....)


  1. Thanks for the early morning coffee sinus clean out. :)

  2. Cara always struck me as a barrel of fun. Or not. Just as much fun as the senior judge who will go unnamed but whose initials are LS. Also a super fun and supportive judge.